Structural Dimension of the Georgian Unemployment

The main goals of the Project were to analyze the practice of the statistical reporting of unemployment in Georgia, evaluate the quality of existing data base and other sources of information on structural aspects of unemployment, identify the structure of the unemployment in Georgia by groups and duration, analyze the structure of the supply and demand of workforce in Georgia, to identify main factors of the structural unemployment; to analyze the deficiencies of the labor market in the context of skills gap; to evaluate the deficiencies of the system of education in the context of the skills gap; to develop the recommendations how to solve the systemic and structural problems of unemployment in Georgia.

Expected results of the proposed project could have been considered as a background for the further socio-economic research especially analysis of Youth unemployment, cost of labor in Georgia in terms of competitiveness, reforming of the national system of education, formation of the middle class and the search of the Georgia’s development path.

The project was funded by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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