GFSIS 19-th in Central and Eastern Europe According to University of Pennsylvania Worldwide Think Tanks Rating

2013 / 01 / 24

The management and entire staff of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) are proud that GFSIS took 19th place among 60 Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe (page 53 of the report).

As a result of an eight-month process involving the support of think tanks and experts from every region of the world the University of Pennsylvania published the rankings of think-tanks worldwide. 

Below is a snapshot of more than 1950 experts and peer institutions that participated in the 2012 ranking process:

- 793 expert panelists for all the regional and functional research categories;

- 150 journalists and scholars with expertise spanning politics, think tanks, and civil society;

- 55 current and former directors of think tank programs and networks;

- 40 public and private donors;

- 100s of think tanks;

- 25-30 intergovernmental organizations;

- 120 academic institutions.

It should be mentioned the increasingly global reach of the rankings, as reflected in the following statistics regarding the 2012 report:

- 6,603 think tanks from 182 countries were invited to participate in the process.

- 1,100 plus individuals from 120 countries participated in the nominations and rankings process.

- Think tanks were nominated, and subsequently ranked, in 38 categories.

- A total of 1647 think tanks were nominated.

- A total of well over 57,000 nominations were received across the 38 categories.

- 171 think tanks were nominated as the world’s top think tank.

The report can be downloaded from http://www.gotothinktank.com/

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