2002 Yale World Fellows Program

2002 / 12 / 27

On December 27, 2002 Mr. Temuri Yakobashvili, the Vice President of Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies returned from U.S.A. after successfully completing the 2002 Yale World Fellows Program lasting one academic semester (September –December 2002) at the Yale University.Yale University established the World Fellows Program, which offers a group of emerging leaders from diverse countries and cultures the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, sharpen their skills and build the networks of relationships needed to meet the demands of issues on the local, national and global scales. Every generation faces difficult issues, but the pace of change in our increasingly globalized world makes the present leadership challenges particularly daunting. In the decades ahead intelligent, effective leadership will be an increasingly critical asset in the service of common goals . Developing this kind of leadership must be a high priority in every country. To promote this vision of a group of people who understand the challenges of tomorrow and the need for international cooperation, Yale University established the World Fellows Program.


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