The Foundation Representatives Return from the United States

2004 / 10 / 19

On October 15, 2004 the President and the Vice-President of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Alexander Rondeli and Temur Yakobashvili returned from their two-week working trip in the United States.  During the trip, the Foundation President and Vice-President visited government offices, universities and think tanks to discuss security and democracy issues in the South Caucasus.

 Rondeli and Yakobashvili visited Washington DC, New York, and Boston. In Washington DC they participated in the variety of informal meetings and official presentations. Their visits included meetings with the National Security Council, the Brookings Institution, the RAND Corporation and the Council on Foreign Relations. During their meetings, the GFSIS delegation delivered to U.S. government officials, colleague scholars and think tank fellows short overview and analysis of the new government and the current political situation in Georgia to provide them with the important information that in the future can facilitate different programs in the Caucasus.

The working trip included lectures on security issues in the Caucasus, on Georgian foreign policy and on Russia’s policy in the Caucasus that Rondeli and Yakobashvili had delivered at several universities and institutions. 

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