Meetings and Discussions

Discussion on the Ongoing Governmental Programs in Regions

2016 / 09 / 30

On September 30, 2016 a roundtable on Engagement in Pankisi and with Religious and National Minorities organized by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and U.S Embassy in Georgia was held at Hotel “Rooms Tbilisi”. 
The meeting was aimed to bring together the government officials working on the issues of ethnic and religious minorities and share the ideas and challenges in doing development work in Pankisi, Adjara, and other Muslim minority regions. 
The roundtable discussion was moderated by a war correspondent and activist Tom Goltz who shared the views and opinions of the representatives of non-governmental organizations and donors working in Pankisi, expressed during the similar format meeting two days ago. 
The government officials representing various Ministries presented completed and ongoing governmental programs and projects implemented in the regions, which contribute to the integration of ethnic and religious minorities of Georgia. 
The roundtable was followed by an engaging discussion.

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