Lectures and Trainings

The Module on Energy Security Introduction

2017 / 10 / 02

On October 2, 2017 Prof. Theresa Sabonis-Helf, Professor launched a course on Energy Security at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Relations (Rondeli Foundation).

Mrs. Sabonis-Helf is a Professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College. She advises governments on climate change policies, post-Soviet energy and environmental issues, regional and international energy trade, and the politics of electricity. She teaches  Energy and International Security  and Energy and Environment in Eurasia at Georgetown University.

The module includes the following topics: Fossil Fuel Essentials, Electricity Essentials, Pipeline Politics, Energy Security Strategies of Importing Nations and other topic-related issues.

The module is conducted in the framework of the flagship training program implemented by Rondeli Foundation, supported by the U.S. Government, on National Security and Public Policy. The program is designed to prepare the policy analysts for the national security community for careers as government policymakers in defense/security agencies, diplomats and non- governmental policy analysts.

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