Lectures and Trainings

Graduation Ceremony of the Project “Policy Development and Decision Making Training”

2017 / 05 / 30

On May 30, 2017 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation) hosted a graduation ceremony of the project “Policy Development and Decision Making Training” and public debates of policy documents prepared by the program participants.

The project “Policy Development and Decision Making Training” was a short-term training course that was mainly aimed for Civil Service Bureau (CSB) staff, though the audience also included the representatives from other governmental institutions. The primary objective of the training was to contribute to capacity building of GoG staff in modern policy analysis, policy planning as well as decision making techniques. The curriculum of the proposed program consisted of sessions, dedicated to the subject-specific instruction modules which would be useful for policy development and decision making processes. In addition to the training, participants were provided mentorship/coaching to develop policy documents addressing real-life policy issues as identified by participants within their respective areas of professional activity. Working on policy papers provided the fellows with an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge acquired within the proposed program.

At the end of the event, the participants were handed over the certificates.

The project was implemented by the Rondeli Foundation with the financial support of the USAID/Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020).

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