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Public Lecture - “Electoral System in the US”

2016 / 10 / 17

On October 17, 2016 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted a public lecture on “Electoral System in the US” organized by the US Embassy in Georgia. The lecture was delivered by Dr. John C. Fortier, Director of the BPC’s Democracy Project.

Fortier has been a regular columnist for The Hill and Politico and a frequent commentator on elections and government institutions and has appeared on ABC’s CNN, Fox News, CBS News, BBC and others.

The speaker discussed the main features of the electoral system in the US, potential threats to an electoral process caused by hacker attacks and connections between various electoral circles; He also made an overview of the current pre-election situation in US and spoke about the prospects of reforming the electoral system.

The audience consisted of the representatives of national security community –mainly of the alumni and representatives of current cohorts of various programs for public servants implemented by GFSIS.

The lecture was followed by Q&A mode. 

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