Request for Proposals

2016 / 06 / 02

Request for Proposals: Study Visit to Sweden for HR Managers and Practitioners from Georgian Public Institutions.

The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for a Study Visit to Sweden for HR Managers and practitioners from Georgian public sector institutions organized by Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS).

Proposals must be submitted no later than 18:00 (local time), 15 July 2016 to   


The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) with funding from Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) has implemented a project titled: Capacity Building of the Georgian Leadership Community CBGL (2009-2015). 

The Project participants were professionals working in the civil service, the public sector in general and the civil society in Georgia. The project consisted of the following components:

1. To build capacity in public administration, public policy planning and negotiations within Georgian public service in order to meet global standards and best practices.

2. To establish a Georgian language policy-planning and negotiations program at GFSIS

3. To improve HR Management practices across the government of Georgia.

The overarching goal was to facilitate institutional change and to build capacity in public administration by providing policy-related in-service training to mid-career public servants throughout the government offices of Georgia.

The second phase of the project that initially started in 2009 continued in July 2015, when Sida decided on core-funding for GFSIS enabling the foundation to continue the capacity building activities from 2015-07-01 until 2017-06-30. 

The objective of the third component under the second phase is to strengthen the capacity of the HR function and to increase skills of HR professional in Georgian public sector institutions.

GFSIS now invites Consulting organizations to tender for managing a Study visit to Stockholm as part of the third component.


The main objective of the study visit to Stockholm, Sweden is to familiarize participants with the successful reforms in Sweden in developing and setting up modern human recourses management systems.

This will help the participants to lead and institutionalize the human recourses development activities in their respective Georgian authorities.

Public administration in Sweden in general and human recourses management in particular is highly regarded for its ability to identify and implement improvement of systems dealing with human recourses. 

It is anticipated that in Sweden the participants will visit different ministries to learn about their experiences in reforming HRM and introducing new managerial tools in HRM. They will be able to learn how Swedish public administration develops new management and working methods during visits to proposed Government Offices.

Within the framework of the study visit the participants will have a chance to discuss the following issues:

• Role and responsibilities of HR functions.

• Driving forces for the capacity building processes in HRM.

Aim of the Study Visit

GFSIS is organizing a study visit to Sweden as part of HR component of the capacity building project. The aim of the study trip is to:

• Provide the participants with an introduction to the public administration and Government operations in Sweden.

• Familiarize participants with the work of HR functions in Government Ministries and Agencies.

• Familiarize participants with the latest initiatives related to Human Recourses Management. 

• Overall, contribute to further enhancing the capacity building of Georgian civil servants.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the proposed assignment will be to organize a study visit to Stockholm for the project participants. A study visit organizer (the Consultant) will be responsible for providing administrative and logistical support of the study visit, including identifying organizations to be visited and developing the agenda for the study visit, as well as making arrangement for all meetings.


Scope of Work

The consultant will support GFSIS in implementation and realization of the study visit in Human recourses management.

In order to ensure that the objective of the assignment is met, the responsibilities of the Consultant will include:

a) Prepare a detailed plan of Study trip activities, including visits to Ministries and Agencies.

b) Organize and provide meeting facilities.

c) Prepare draft budget based on options for consideration by GFSIS.

d) Prepare draft study visit agenda.

e) Provide a senior expert that will facilitate meeting during the study visit.

The consultant in Sweden will be responsible for organizing the study visit based on the following specifications and requirements:

a) Group size: 12 pax.

b) Airport Transfer (roundtrip): 12 pax.

c) Number of nights: 5.

d) Transportation in Sweden: 12 pax for 5 days (bus/metro passes).

e) Meetings in Stockholm: Ministries and Agencies, organizations with qualified HR. functions and any other institution bearing relevance to the Study visit.

The consultant is required to perform all tasks and responsibilities specified above and other tasks that may be required which are not specified above, but are related to the implementations f this part of the project.


Qualifications and Competences of the Consultant

Minimum requirements for experience and qualifications to be considered:

• Significant experience (at last 10 years) in coordinating and organizing educational and Study visits.

• Comprehensive expertise in public administration and human recourses management.

• Have established contacts and actively liaise with public sector institutions in Sweden.

• Comprehensive knowledge of the Georgian public administration and how Swedish experience can be used in strengthening HRM in Georgia.

Expected Outcomes

Based on the aims of the study visit, the following results are expected to be achieved:

• Participants will meet representatives of various Ministries and Agencies in Stockholm.

• Participants will be familiarized with the work of HR functions and their latest initiatives related to improving performance.

• Participant will learn about the role of the modern HRM in improving and reforming public administration.

• Based on the experience of the study visit participants will be better equipped to lead the restructuring of the respective HR functions in Georgia. 

Composition of the Study Tour group

The total number of participants is 12 people, officials representing HR functions in various Ministries and Agencies in Georgia. 

Time frame and Tentative Agenda

The study visit is planned to take place 7th until 11th of November.

The visit will include:

- Introduction to the Swedish system of Governance.

- Visits to selected Ministries and Agencies.

- Briefings on the role of HRM in the Swedish System.

- Briefings on Strengthening the HR function and how to increase individual competence of HR professionals.


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